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Chilean Patagonia

Welcome to the southernmost part of South America! Our beloved Patagonia.

In 1520, the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan named this area the Patagonia, in Portuguese “Pata Gau”, or big foot. According to history, the name is due to the huge footprints that the explorer saw in the sand on the beach. Consequently the Tehuelches Indians who inhabited this area were tall and burly and later became known as Patagones. The Andes mountain range divides the Patagonia geographically into two parts, Chile to the West and Argentina to the East.

Patagonia is promoted touristically, creating activities that utilize its natural beauty, dominated by beautiful lakes, pristine rivers, glaciers, fjords, mountains, hanging glaciers, islands, and waterfalls that produce an ideal environment for fly fishing, mountaineering, trekking, kayaking, horseback riding and more. The gastronomy of the region is known for its delicious meat and fruit in the area.

Fly Fishing in Chilean Patagonia

Due to the cold temperatures and abundant rivers in the region of Patagonia, the Salmonid species have found an ideal habitat to live and reproduce, thus becoming a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Each year the waters of Patagonia summon fishermen from all over the world to live an unforgettable experience with each trip. Coyhaique, the capital of the Aysén region in the heart of Chilean Patagonia, is the center of sport fishing in the region, a global paradise of sport fishing.
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Coyhaique, in the heart of Patagonia is the center of the sport fishing in the zone.

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