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Programs and Rates

Cinco Rios Chile offers to its customers various programs to enjoy fly fishing in Chilean Patagonia.
All included 7 nights and 6 days
Accommodations Room
From December 15th to December 31st 2017 USD 3,975
CLP 3311175
From January 1st to March 31st 2017 USD 4,375
CLP 3644375
From April 1st to April 15th 2017 USD 3,975
CLP 3311175

The week is scheduled from Saturday to Saturday. Sunday being the first day of fishing, we start the morning with breakfast, which varies from day to day. Later, one of our guides will take you in a truck to the special fishing destination. Every day you will enjoy exquisite lunches served on a beautifully arranged table, with good wines, soup, a main course and dessert which can be served on the bank of the river.

We also offer a selection of cheeses and cured meats from the area ....Deluxe! Then in the afternoon we return to the Lodge so you can rest and recover for the next day. An exquisite dinner is held in the evening, with wine and an open bar included, the perfect way to end your day. 

On Friday, since it is the last day of fishing, we offer a "party" with a typical spit- roasting lamb “asado” and we usually have a group of local musicians to liven up the dinner with some background music. The following Saturday is check- out and the program includes transport from the Lodge to the airport. 6 full days of fly fishing in the Patagonia!

From the Pampa to the Patagonian Forest
Accommodations Room
From December 15th to December 31st 2017 USD 5,000
CLP 4165000
From January 1st to March 31st 2017 USD 6,250
CLP 5206250
From April 1st to April 15th 2017 USD 5,000
CLP 4165000

This program is all included and has a duration of 11 nights and 10 days.

Cinco Rios Lodge and Estancia Del Zorro offer this program where you can get to know the diverse ecosystems in our region. From the vast plains, with beautiful crystal clear spring creeks, to the torrential rivers and deep lakes in the middle of the Patagonian forest, you can enjoy the best fishing in the region.

The extension of our region enables us to provide this program because of the many sources of fresh water surrounded by beautiful landscapes that captivate every visitor.

The program includes transportation from the airport and between Cinco Rios and Estancia del Zorro, lodging in our comfortable facilities, all meals, 10 full days of fishing and transport back to the airport.

Patagonic Photo Safari
Accommodations Room
From December 15th to December 31st 2015 USD 2,680
CLP 2232440
From January 1st to March 31st 2016 USD 3,350
CLP 2790550
From April 1st to April 15th 2016 USD 2,680
CLP 2232440

We will take you to the depths of Patagonia, breathtaking scenery, interesting culture, pristine rivers and open pampas and rainforest in a program that puts it all together. 


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